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June 4, 2016 – The Fitzgeralds


Meet the Fitzgeralds, a family group consisting of fiddling and step dancing sensations Tom, Kerry & Julie Fitzgerald (the youngest members of Everything Fitz).

TheFitzgeraldsThese siblings, from Canada’s renowned Ottawa Valley, have come a long way from their small town roots. Featuring 3-time Canadian Grandmaster Fiddle Champions and Ontario Open Step Dance Champions, this unique act features high-energy fiddling and mind-blowing step dancing. Joining the siblings on guitar, lead vocals, and onstage antics is Nate Douglas (guitarist for Cape Breton’s Natalie MacMaster in 2013). It is the rare combination of exceptional musicianship, incomparable step dancing, audience interaction, evident love of performing, and genuine sibling connection that resonates with audiences of all ages and sets this group apart.

” The Fitzgeralds are standout musicians in our Canadian music industry…The caliber of musicianship is very high- I think together they are beautiful blend of gorgeous fiddle music, and top rate, absolutely exhilarating dance routines.” –Natalie MacMaster, Cape Breton Fiddling Sensation

The Fitzgerald siblings were raised in a musical household, and toured internationally with their family band “Everything Fitz”. Growing up in the Ottawa Valley, they were immersed in the rich tradition of Canadian Old Time fiddling and step dancing that evolved with the arrival of Irish, Scottish and French immigrants. Over time, they have developed their art form to include various styles of fiddle music including Celtic, jazz, bluegrass, French-Canadian, and pop. They have also explored other forms of dance including tap and Irish. The siblings continue to push boundaries by fusing traditional and modern styles of fiddle and dance to create their own unique sound and style. Their creativity and passion for experimentation has led them to compose original tunes and arrangements. The result is a groovy and catchy new sound and look that appeals to all ages.

“No group has generated as much curiosity, compelling our audience to return for a second set, as the Ottawa Valley style dancers that Julie Fitzgerald so excels at. The warmth, energy and enthusiasm has hooked generations from young to senior, then the talent lets loose – pure vibrant magic. -John O’Brien, Director of Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival

Despite their young age, these musicians have some notable musical experiences under their belts. Highlights include performances with: Leahy, Natalie McMaster, Tommy Hunter, Bowfire, Eileen Ivers, The StepCrew, Sharon Shannon, Carlos Nunez, Solas, Liz Carroll, We Banjo 3, World-Fest, Silver Dollar City, Branson MO. They are also in demand as music instructors, both privately and at music camps across Canada including: Leahy Camp, Smithers, BC, Yukon Rendezvous, Algoma Trad, ON. They strive to educate and inspire young musicians wherever they go.

The Fitzgeralds are some of the most talented, energetic, animated, and genuine performers you will come across. This is a group of entertainers who truly love what they are doing and thrive on interaction with their audiences. Presenters can expect a high-calibre, polished, varied, and action packed show, with a little bit of goofiness thrown in here and there. They even step dance and fiddle at the same time! If this still isn’t enough, let us end with one of the group’s favourite audience reviews:

“This is one energetic and entertaining family! Guaranteed to burn calories just watching this show!” –Anonymous health-conscious fan